Edisto Canoe Paddle


The Edisto River is the longest free flowing blackwater river in North America. Named after this blackwater river, the Edisto canoe paddle is designed and handcrafted to enjoy the solitude along a quiet-water trial or a Class II – III river.  Fine hand tools sculpt each Edisto into a balanced, agile paddle for a confident fit and feel in one’s hands as well as in the water. The Edisto’s beauty and performance shares the heritage and solitude of canoeing.

Edisto Construction:

  • Laminated hollow shaft with sculpted core
  • Ash edging
  • Dynel epoxy tip
  • Encapsulated in a s-glass epoxy composite

Standard Features:

  • Mahogany, aspen, basswood, ash woods
  • Curved Slalom Blade
  • T-Grip
  • Sized to length
  • Personalized: name, serial #, and signed
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To place an inscription on the paddle or for custom options not listed please use the “Comment Box” when completing the order form or call Fritz.

Wood Options:

  • Appalachian hardwoods, mahogany or special request
  • Accented pin-strips request

Blade Design Options:

  • Fan-tail, curved or straight
  • Slalom, curved or straight
  • Custom blades by shape, by area or tip shape

Custom Options:

  • If you have a preference but don’t see it here please contact Fritz. Each paddle is sculpted with fine hand tools.
  • Veneer art

General Specs:

  • Fan-tail: 8.125” by 19.5”
  • Slalom: 8.25” by 19.5”


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