Selway Canoe


Design Attributes

  • Balanced at the throat for efficient swing weight
  • In vertebra shaft technology: an internal hollowed sectional shaft into that reduce weight and dampens the paddle’s vibration
  • Molded dynel epoxy composite that wraps around the tip for durability
  • A protective casted urethane edging to guard against those “Rock-a-Dial” bites
  • Impregnated with an epoxy s-glass composite and re-enforced carbon traveling 1/3 the way up the blade from the tip



shipping included


To place an inscription on the paddle or for custom options not listed please use the “Comment Box” when completing the order form or call Fritz.

Wood Options:

  • Appalachian hardwoods, mahogany or special request
  • Accented pin-strips request

Blade Design Options:

  • Fan-tail, curved or straight
  • Slalom, curved or straight
  • Custom blades by shape, by area or tip shape

Custom Options:

  • If you have a preference but don’t see it here please contact Fritz. Each paddle is sculpted with fine hand tools.

General Specs:

  • Fan-tail: 8.125” by 19.5”
  • Slalom: 8.25” by 19.5”